A Bazaar Universe

Welcome to A Bazaar Universe!

 Since 2011, soul sisters Jade and Delia have been traveling between music festivals, vintage shows, and art fairs setting up A Bazaar Universe. We travel the country rescuing gorgeous garments and fabulous fabrics, and give them whatever love they need to get them to their new homes. 

We are thrilled to feature our handmade, up-cycled, wearable works of art {{{made from 100% recycled fabrics}}} and many of our exclusive vintage pieces online!

We are dedicated to being an ethical and sustainable business. Everything from the clothing we sell, to the hangers they’re hanging on, even the tents they’re under is recycled. We believe there is an abundance on this planet, and therefore we never import or buy new.

We truly believe that EVERY BODY is beautiful. Whatever size or pronoun you wear, we intend to have something to help you feel your Authentic, Radiant self. Because let’s face it, when you’re wearing clothing that you think is awesome, you feel awesome wearing it. So we’re here to remind you that You. Are. AWESOME! You deserve to feel it.

& We love you!

Thank you for visiting A Bazaar Universe on-line.
Jade and Delia