Andremi Designs

Andres Medina

Having traveled and lived in over 28 different countries,  the artist fuses technique and culture in producing his one of a kind all hand made pieces. Becoming an artisan at the young age of 14, it  is through his art and passion of creating that he has been able to  develop into such a well rounded and accomplished artist. Life has  been his teacher and passion has been his dedication. 

Having had so many influences, the artist is able have a broad spectrum of media that he utilizes in creating his pieces. At this time, his focus is on  silver, leather, and fiber, which he is using to create magnificent  pieces of wearable art in the form of jewelry.

 Through out his career as an artist he has had a hand in all forms of art ranging from murals to sculpture allowing each country to teach and influence his creativity and bring with it the challenge to succeed in what ever form he set his mind on.