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Hooked Productions officially became a business entity in 1999. Many years of traveling led to the revelation that we were hooked on living the life that we loved most. Living on the road, for the road and the adventure of living deeply and passionately with friends, family, nature and music as constant companions seemed a life not only desirable, but necessary and attainable. Our merchandise and our selves have constantly evolved, bringing us to the present, where we live the life we love and love the life we live in upstate New York. Together, our family runs Hooked Productions from start to finish, constantly learning, loving, and growing.

We created Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live as an attempt to inspire everyone to live deeply and enjoy all life’s moments, to count blessings and give thanks rather than spending life wishing for more. Hopefully, it serves as a gentle reminder for all that are inspired to do more; to live happier, active, and healthier lives; for those who want to chase their dreams, blaze the path, and joyfully explore the glorious world at their feet or across the ocean. By promoting this ideal one person, one consciously created garment at a time, we hope to inspire others to live the life they love, and look and feel good while doing it.

Hooked Productions creates our own concepts, images, and garments. Our sustainable bamboo and organic cotton clothing is created with ultimate comfort and consciousness in mind, promoting a progressive message, for living a joy filled life. We are consciously aware of both the environmental and economic impact of importing goods from oversea countries. For these reasons, Hooked Productions strives to manufacture sustainable garments, made in the USA, and printed using the most environmentally responsible practices here in upstate New York. Although it costs us more to do so, we feel that sacrificing profits is more important than compromising our environment and economy.

Cari and Brenden continue to pour their love into Hooked Productions. They are often working on all aspects of the business, from conception of design and fabric to sales and distribution. Along the way they have enlisted some amazing lifestyle technicians to help promote the message, share the dream, and to live the life they love. With a little help from our friends we are bringing the message to the masses across the country at various music festivals and transient marketplaces.  If you see them in your travels, please stop by and say hello. We are always open to making new friends, hearing new stories and finding inspiration in sharing ideas with people far and wide.

Hopefully by living the life we love, we are all making the world a happier, if not better, place.
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